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Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about the SAFC’s response to the impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the SA Screen Sector. This page will be updated regularly.

If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, we encourage you to email us.

Last updated 15 May, 2020.

Accessibility options

The SAFC is committed to supporting increased participation for people from groups under-represented in the screen industry including women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, practitioners from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds, Deaf or disabled people, LGBTQIA+ communities and screen practitioners from regional and remote areas.

If you need any of this information in an alternative format please contact us.

Quick Links

Government Support Overview

The SAFC has compiled a list of all available State and Federal Government support programs and initiatives relevant to the SA screen sector into one downloadable document. This PDF will be kept updated as more COVID-19 support measures are announced.

General Information Hubs
  • SA COVID-19 Information Line (8am to 8pm, seven days)
    Ph: 1800 253 787
Business/Employment Information & Support
  • Business COVID-19 Hotline (6.30am to 10.30pm, seven days)
    Ph: 13 28 46
Screen Sector Specific Information & Support
Health Information
  • SA COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line (8am to 8pm, seven days)
    Ph: 1800 632 753

Questions: SAFC Business Operations

Is the SAFC open and operating?

Adelaide Studios is open and will continue to operate unless the State and/or Federal Government directs us to close. The SAFC reception is open from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm weekdays.

Can I still meet with SAFC staff?

The SAFC is holding all meetings via telephone or video conferencing at this time.

What will happen to my existing SAFC funded project?

The SAFC is absolutely committed to supporting industry at this time. We will be flexible and responsive to industry’s needs. We will fast-track development applications, extend deadlines and simplify reporting requirements.  If your project is impacted by COVID-19, we encourage you to speak with the Production and Development team for support.

How can I stay up to date with what SAFC is doing across COVID-19?

We encourage you to subscribe to the SAFC’s main news mailing list if you haven’t already signed up, and stay tuned to SAFC social media channels and our website for regular updates from the CEO, agency news and opportunities.

You can also check our COVID-19 Support Measures page to view all current and proposed COVID-19 related support measures organised by screen sector job type.

Questions: Support

What support measures are available for my particular job type?

Go to our COVID-19 Support Measures page to view all current and proposed COVID-19 related support measures organised by screen sector job type.

What specific support is there for writers?

We have heard the concerns of local writers and the factual community and are committed to working with partners to find ways to directly support these important and valued parts of our sector in the new financial year. Right now, the SAFC will prioritise development funding for projects with SA Writers and Directors.

The 2020 Lottie Lyell Award is open for applications until Friday, 8 May 2020. This fund will provide $20,000 in development funding for a South Australian emerging, mid-career or established writer or writer/director who identifies as female. The project can be in any genre or format eligible under the SAFC Terms of Trade and does not require producer or market attachment.

Can I still apply for Development and Production Funding?

Yes. Development and Production funding programs are running as usual. Any changes to Development and Production programs will be communicated widely with industry – we recommend SA screen sector members subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date.

Some programs have been put on hold in the current circumstances, predominantly those involving travel. For initial enquiries about funding please contact the Production and Development Team on 08 8394 2029 or at

If Screen Australia is targeting late stage development, could the SAFC target earlier and mid-stage development?

Yes. We have taken on board the feedback from the Virtual Town Hall Meeting and will make Targeted Development open to projects at early and mid-stage development. However, the project will need to demonstrate a strong claim against the criteria; including the likelihood of the project being financed and produced within the next 12-18 months. Find out more about the Targeted Development Grant on our Development page.

The SAFC intends for Targeted Development to be a temporary measure, in response to the disruption to production. SAFC will continually review and adapt its COVID-19 measures as the needs and circumstances of the SA Screen Industry change over time.

Are there special initiatives I can apply for right now?


Make sure you subscribe to the SAFC mailing list, and follow us on social media, to stay up to date with future opportunities as they are announced.

Is the SAFC offering any professional/skills development opportunities or online training?

The SAFC is supporting Business Resilience Training for South Australian screen businesses and sole traders to assist with business planning at this crucial time. EOIs for these workshops closed midnight on 24 April, 2020. Please contact for more information.

What about mentorships for emerging practitioners?

The SAFC is partnering with the Media Resource Centre to explore a paid Master/Apprentice program for experienced crew to mentor emerging crew, which could be extended to Key Creatives. Go to our COVID-19 Support Measures page to view all current and proposed COVID-19 related support measures organised by screen sector job type.

There are also State and Federal Government funds available for trainees and apprenticeships – see the quick links at the top of this page.

Has the SAFC considered a time-critical business fund to support other ways of doing business and creating revenue for SA production companies during COVID-19? 

South Australian screen companies are encouraged to take up the opportunity for business mentoring, and this may include business innovation. To register your interest please email

Another avenue for business support is Screen Australia’s Enterprise Business and Ideas Program. The current round is open for submissions until 1 May, 2020.

Can I get income support, or have costs subsidised during this time?

The SAFC cannot provide direct financial support to individuals. Our programs will seek to provide benefit to practitioners through supporting development and production outcomes.

The Federal and State Governments have announced a range of economic response measures for individuals and businesses, including the State Government’s one-off $10,000 Emergency Cash Grants for Small Businesses, the JobKeeper Payment (see below), the JobSeeker Payment, the Coronavirus Supplement, and early release of superannuation.

A really useful summary of current COVID-19 business support options is available through Business SA.

Will the SAFC fund me to retain staff?

The SAFC cannot directly pay for staff of SA businesses but we are directly engaging with affected businesses to assist.  There are Federal and State Government supports available that can assist businesses with cashflow and retaining staff at this time, such as the Federal Government Temporary Relief for Financially Stressed Businesses.

The ATO’s JobKeeper Payment is intended to provide wage subsidies to businesses that are significantly affected by COVID-19. As of 14 April, 2020 the latest advice on the JobKeeper Payment is that:

Download the ATO’s JobKeeper Payment fact sheet PDF here (updated 14 April, 2020).

The SAFC welcomes feedback from sector members on your eligibility for the JobKeeper Payment, and how we can assist you in navigating these new measures – you can email us at

What about temporary visa holders working in the sector?

While the SAFC is very grateful to receive all feedback from industry, in some cases responsibility rests with another part of government. In the case of Temporary Visa Holders, responsibility for these workers sits within the Department of Home Affairs. Their COVID-19 FAQ can be found here.

Can the Adelaide Studios lockup area be used as storage to assist businesses, service companies and crew with trucks to save money on storage facilities at this time?

Yes. The SAFC can assist with this on a temporary basis whilst the Adelaide Studios are unable to be utilised due to social distancing restrictions. The SAFC is discussing this option with potential businesses to identify the demand. Please contact to register your interest.

Can the SAFC create a virtual networking hub for screen creatives who would like to use this isolation time for creating new projects?

Following the SAFC’s Virtual Town Hall Meeting the local industry has independently established a South Australian Screen Industry Facebook Group as an online hub to exchange ideas and ask questions. You can request to join the group here.

South Australian producer Kirsty Stark has also compiled information from different members of the industry to create an SA Film/TV Industry Google Spreadsheet, which is being updated by sector members as a valuable shared resource. All members of the sector are welcome to join the document to list resources, share details of online meet-up events and links to SA made entertainment available for streaming. You can find it here.

The Mercury has also launched Cabin Fever: Lockdown Tales from the Homefront, which is an online micro-short film competition about the personal impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Entries are open until 29 May, 2020 – find out more here.

I’m a photographer – can the SAFC hire me to take location photos during this time?

The SAFC is planning to update its locations gallery in the new financial year. There may be future opportunities to hire external photographers at that time.

Questions: Productions

Can I still enquire about booking Adelaide Studios or filming in South Australia during this time?

Yes, we continue to welcome enquiries about studio bookings and filming in South Australia. Please contact Studio Manager Melissa Eldridge

What’s happening with projects that were due to go into production this year?

All productions are currently on hold and the SAFC is working closely with producers to ensure productions can be ready to resume as soon as it is safe to do so.

With productions on hold, will there be more funding available for development?

Yes. The SAFC will increase its development spend for Early and Advanced Development. SAFC has also opened the Lottie Lyell Award for 2020. See the Questions: Support section above or visit our COVID-19 Support Measures page for more information.

Questions: Adelaide Studios Tenants & Clients

Can tenants keep working at Adelaide Studios?

Yes, Adelaide Studios tenants can continue to work from the building. We encourage those who are able to work from home to do so, and to observe the Government recommendations with regards to meetings (see below).

We want to make all tenants and clients aware that, should we encounter a scenario necessitating a site closure, SAFC offices and Adelaide Studios facilities may be required to close at short notice.

Can I still meet with SAFC staff?

In line with Federal Government guidelines on social distancing, Adelaide Studios tenants and clients are advised the following with regard to meetings at Adelaide Studios:

Please note this information may be subject to change; stay up to date with the most current Government recommendations via the quick links at the top of this page.

Will the SAFC waive rent for Adelaide Studios tenants? 

Adelaide Studios tenants will receive a 20% discount on their rent until further notice. In the event of a Government mandated shutdown, Adelaide Studios tenants will receive full rent relief during the period when the building is inaccessible.

Main image: SAFC courtyard, photo by Kelly Barnes