SA Film Corporation

Dolby Premier 7.1 Mixing Theatre

Local and international consultation has been undertaken to ensure that Adelaide Studios' sound mixing facilities are in line with the highest industry standards and specifications.

Adelaide Studios' Dolby Premier 7.1 Mixing Theatre is the only  Dolby Premier certified studio in Australia and one of 22 in the world.

Room acoustics, monitoring standards, equipment selection, installation standards, synchronization accuracy, mixing competence and technical experience are all measured and evaluated by a Dolby expert as part of the certification process.

With the Harrison MPC4-D Film Mixing Console, flexible modular console configurations and superior monitoring and projection, the theatre has quickly gained a reputation for excellence from producers, directors and sound mixers alike, both locally and internationally.

Our staff are always available to assist productions with their requirements and the Mixing Theatre comes with full-time tech support and a private lounge for producers.

Facilities include:

  • 128 Channel Harrison MPC4-D Film Mixing Console
  • D-Command Console
  • Colin Broad SR-24 Transport
  • Fairlight Pyxis Stem Recording and Video Playback
  • Optional Video Satellite playback
  • Pro Tools HD playback
  • QSC Amplifiers and Krix 3 way Speakers
  • NEC 2k Projection
  • Lexicon 960L and TC Electronic 6000 Reverbs

The Adelaide Studios Mixing Theatre has been specifically designed as a flexible mixing environment. The Harrison MPC4-D mixing console and the D-Command can be interchanged so that either can be placed into the centre of the theatre, giving the mixing engineer the preference of working in a Pro Tools environment and / or taking advantage of the powerful features of the Harrison.