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The Boys are Back (2009)




The Boys Are Back is a confessional tale of fatherhood. It follows witty, wisecracking, action-oriented sportswriter Joe Warr who, in the wake of his wife’s death, finds himself in a sudden, stultifying state of single parenthood. Joe throws himself into the only child-rearing philosophy he thinks has a shot at bringing joy back into their lives: “just say yes”. Raising two boys – a curious six year-old and a rebel teen from a previous marriage – in a household devoid of feminine influence, and with a lack of rules, life becomes exuberant, instinctual, reckless, and on the constant verge of disaster. The three multi-generational boys of the Warr household, father and sons alike, must each find their own way, however tenuous, to grow up. Stars Clive Owen, Emma Booth, Laura Fraser.

PRODUCER: Tim White, Greg Brenman

DIRECTOR: Scott Hicks

Available to watch now: ABC iview, Fetch, Google Play, SBS On Demand, YouTube