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Screen Production Investment

Submissions: At any time / 30 days prior to SAFC Board meeting dates.

SAFC supports the production of all digital content including drama and documentary screen content. In particular projects that are creative and original, possess overall appeal to diverse audiences, display good market prospects and have significant economic benefits to the South Australian production and post-production screen sector.

State Incentives

To be eligible for the state incentives, your production needs to be wholly or largely undertaken in South Australia and/or employ a South Australian professional crew including key creatives.

  • Production Investment: Receive 10% of your South Australian production spend as investment (up to $300,000).
  • Post-Production Support Receive up to 10% of the South Australia spend up to a maximum of $150,000.  Funding provided as a grant.
  • Payroll Tax Exemption: The payroll tax rate in South Australia is 4.95% on qualifying wages paid in the state. The SAFC can assist with applying for an exemption up front.
  • Revolving Film Fund (RFF) Loan: Loans are available with rates based on the 90-day Bank Bill rate, plus a 3% margin

In addition to the eligibility criteria detailed in the SAFC General Guidelines, the applicant must be:

  • A credited producer or co-producer of the project; and
  • Able to demonstrate that they own or control the necessary rights to produce the project.

The SAFC prioritises applications from South Australian producers or co-producers.

The SAFC will accept applications from non-South Australian producers where they have strong South Australian creative attachments in place, in particular writers and directors; and also where they are working with a local producer.

Projects with SAFC production investment where the overall budget is over $2 million require engagement of South Australian Attachment/s.  View more information on the Attachment Scheme here.

Guidelines / Downloads
Screen Production Investment - Guidelines*
General Guidelines & Terms of Trade*
Qualifying South Australian Expenditure (SAS) Information

*At its sole discretion the SAFC may vary its Guidelines and Terms of Trade, including variations to percentages and the cap value for Production Investment. 

Application Form​
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Production Finance Acquittal Form

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