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Post Production

Submissions: At any time / 30 days prior to SAFC Board meeting dates.

Grants for post- production will only be considered where a substantial amount of post-production work is undertaken in South Australia. SAFC will review and approve all post production budgets and quotes before dispersing funds. 

The SAFC will grant up to 10% of the South Australia post production spend up to a maximum of $150,000. 

A minimum of $250,000 must be spent in South Australia on post production activities which contribute to a projects completion. 

Major features, long form drama and factual series can, under some circumstances, apply for up to $10,000 towards travel and accommodation for key creatives such as Director, Producer or Sound Engineer.

Funding for post-production is limited. The SAFC Board has discretion regarding how many projects will be supported each year. 

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