SA Film Corporation

Gender Agenda

SAFC's Gender Agenda, a comprehensive suite of initiatives designed to address the gender imbalance in the industry and drive established and emerging South Australian female practitioners forward into the next phase of their career.  The initiatives, which focus on a number of areas including leadership, mentorship, attachments and workshops, are in response to the data demonstrating that women in the screen industries globally and in Australia are still significantly underrepresented in key creative roles. 

Screen Sirens - due 3 March, 2017

Placement LA - due 1 September 2017

MATCH-ME - due 1 November 2017 

Guidelines / Downloads: 

SAFC Screen Sirens Guidelines

SAFC Placement LA Guidelines

SAFC Match-Me Guidelines


2.1 Screen Sirens - online application form here

2.2 Placement LA - online application form here

2.3 Match-Me - online application form here

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