SA Film Corporation

Gender Agenda

SAFC's Gender Agenda, launched in October 2016, is a comprehensive suite of initiatives designed to address the gender imbalance in the industry. Since its launch, female participation in key creative roles across SAFC funded Drama production - feature films and TV - has gone from 38% to 50% for Producers, 15% to 26% for Directors, while Writers have remained static at 28%.Having achieved parity in the South Australian industry for female drama producers, the SAFC will now advocate for women to achieve parity as directors and writers.

Placement LA Program - Date TBA

The Placement LA Program as part of SAFC’s Career Accelerator will provide an outstanding opportunity for one South Australian woman producer to be mentored by a producer or production company in Los Angeles.

Placement LA Guidelines


Match Me - Date TBA

The Match-Me Mentorship Program, as part of SAFC’s Career Accelerator, will provide emerging South Australian women screen practitioners the opportunity to be mentored by some of Australia’s established screen content makers and Heads of Department.

Over a one year period, mentees will be connected with an individual mentor – a film and television executive or Head of Department (HOD) in their chosen field - to further develop the mentee's professional expertise as they move toward to the next phase of their career.

The Match-Me Mentorship Program can be either project or career plan specific. 

who is eligible?
Applicants are expected to be:

  • female resident in South Australia;
  • have at least 2 short film credits in the area they wish to be mentored in;
  • is not a full time student.

Women working in crew roles are encouraged to apply.

what is on offer?
It is anticipated each mentorship will last  one year. The mentorship will consist of one face-to-face meeting with the mentor in their city (if interstate) and other interactions as agreed. 
Applicants may apply to the Match-Me Mentorship program with their mentor already secured. 

The Program is designed to match ONE mentor to ONE mentee. SAFC will provide up to four mentorships over one year. 

Match-Me Guidelines