SA Film Corporation

Delivering Diversity

Delivering Diversity is an umbrella under which the SAFC delivers programs for a multiplicity of under-represented voices in the screen industry - including women, Aboriginal content makers, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, regional South Australians, practitioners with disabilities and those from the LGBTQI community, and the SAFC will take an intersectional approach to its task. The SAFC is a proud signatory to the Screen Diversity Network Charter.

The SAFC commits to advocate to, and on behalf of, industry in relation to diversity and we commit to taking a focused, resourced and long-game approach to shifting the existing power-dynamics in the screen business, in order to improve access and opportunities for all, and thereby lever the very best output from our sector.

The SAFC’s current Gender Agenda program and the Aboriginal Screen Strategy 2015-2020 will sit within the Delivering Diversity programs.

Screen Diversity Network Charter

Gender Agenda

Aboriginal Screen Strategy 2015-2020


Specific Initiatives

Distributor Networking Event

In partnership with the Adelaide Film Festival the SAFC will invite an Australian Distributor to co-host a quarterly networking event in SA at which the Distributor can meet emerging practitioners from under-represented groups to discuss their developing projects.  The first by-invitation event will be co-hosted by Madman Entertainment CEO Paul Wiegard and members of his senior Acquisitions team at Adelaide Studios on Wednesday April 18.

Aboriginal Short film Initiative

Aboriginal Project Development Grant

Pirrku Kuu Hub for Aboriginal Screenmakers