SA Film Corporation

Program Overview

FilmLab is a $4.2million development initiative of the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC), funded by the South Australian Government. 

Since 2009, FilmLab has provided a professional and career development opportunity for South Australian filmmakers through an intensive and bespoke development program, culminating in the production of award-winning low budget feature films.

The program was designed to develop filmmakers who have a track record in short form to take the next step into long form film production. 

It supported nine teams of filmmakers to produce a feature length drama or documentary. The filmmakers were put through a rigorous boot camp to develop their ideas and a process for getting their film made. Participant teams were selected primarily on the basis of their combined track record and the originality of their idea.

FilmLab Projects

FilmLab Advisors and Mentors 

FilmLab Patron

  • Phillip Noyce

Key Consultant

  • Stephen Cleary


  • Paddy Cunneen
  • Peter Speyer


  • Antonia Barnard
  • Bridget Ikin
  • Katrina Sedgwick
  • Lindy Davies
  • Margaret Pomeranz
  • Michael Favelle
  • Nick Batzias
  • Rachel Okine
  • Rolf de Heer
  • Scott Meek