SA Film Corporation

Current Productions

Below are SAFC funded projects which are currently in pre-production, principal photography or post production stage.



Status: Post Production
Production Company: FG Film Productions (Australia) Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: Anthony J Lyons, Robbie Little, Mark Spratt, James Vernon 
Producers: Antony I. Ginnane, David Lightfoot 
Co-producers:  Steve Cooper, Jackie Fletcher
Director: David Pulbrook
Writer: David Pulbrook
Type of SAFC Funding Support: Production Investment
Synopsis: Carrie, an attractive veterinarian accepts an invitation from her fiancée, a best-selling author, for a long weekend away. When she senses something is terribly wrong she decides to leave only to find herself trying to escape the house into a desolate forest fearing for her life and fighting against a psychopathic killer. 



Status: Post Production
Production Company/s: Causeway Films
Producers: Kristina Ceyton, Sam Jennings, Mark Patterson
Directors/Writers: Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling
Type of SAFC Funding Support: Production Investment
Synopsis: Cargo is a dual father/daughter love story, unfolding against the backdrop of a deadly outbreak. In a desperate attempt to outrun a violent pandemic, a father stranded in rural Australia has 48 hours to find a new home for his one-year-old daughter after being infected. 



Status: Principal Photography 
Production Companies: Arclight Films, Hamilton Films Thunder Road Pictures and Electric Pictures Production 
Line Producer: Barbara Gibbs
Co-Producers: Pravesh Singh and Brain Hayes
Executive Producers: Kent Kubena, Jonathan Fuhrman, Bryce Menzies, Andrea Quesnelle, Joan Peter, Ying Ye, Ryan Hamilton, Anthony Maras, Dev Patel, John Collee, Mark Montgomery and Min-Li Tan. 
Produced by: Basil Iwanyk, Julie Ryan, Andrew Ogilvie, Gary Hamilton, Mike Gabrawy, and John Thomas
Writer: John Collee and Anthony Maras 
Director: Anthony Maras 
Type of SAFC Funding Support: Production Investment 
Synopsis: Hotel Mumbai is inspired by the devastating attacks on Mumbai in 2008. A story which fearlessly tackles the defining global issues of our time. A story about ordinary people. Real people. People of all races, all colours, all creeds, binding together in a gruelling fight for survival. A story that celebrates humanity’s highest ideals – compassion, courage, resilience and an unwavering desire to live.



Status: Post Production
Production Company/s: Projector Films
Producers: David Ngo
Co-Producer: Daniel Joyce
Director/Writer: Luke Shanahan
Type of SAFC Funding Support: Production Investment
Synopsis: Almost a year after her identical twin disappears, 25-year-old medical student Maude Ashton is haunted by visions of her abduction. Convinced she is still alive, Maude follows the clues to a derelict caravan park where she discovers her fate is intrinsically linked to that of her sister.



Status: Pre Production
Production Company:   Retroxflex Lateral 
Producers: David Jowsey, Greer Simpkin, David Tranter
Director: Warwick Thornton
Writers: Steven McGregor and David Tranter
Type of SAFC Funding Support: Production Investment
Synopsis: 1920s tale of an Aboriginal stockman tried for murder





Status: Post Production
Producers: Alex Keay and Peta Astbury
Director: Stephen Banham
Writer: Stephen Banham and Aaron Casey
Type of SAFC Funding Support: SAFC/ABC iview originals initiative grant
Synopsis: Almost Midnight is a coming-of-age romantic black comedy about a socially-inept young man named Dave. The tale is told in five minute real-time slices of Dave’s life just before the New Year’s countdown over six subsequent years. Through this fragmented technique, the audience is able to witness Dave’s growth from the bumbling wall-flower to a fully-matured man, comfortable in his own skin. Dave’s alcohol fuelled misadventures provide many tragicomic cringe moments until he finally learns that you can’t hurry love.



Status: Post Production
Producers: Kirsty Stark
Director: Simon Williams and Brendon Skinner
Writer: Ben Crisp
Type of SAFC Funding Support: SAFC/ABC iview originals initiative grant
Synopsis: Goober tells the story of Harry, an Uber driver, who lies somewhere on the autism spectrum and can’t hold down any other job, but wants to make friends and a bit of money.



Status: Post Production
Producer: Julia de Roeper 
Writers: Ivan Aristeguieta and Chris McDonald 
Type of SAFC Funding Support: SAFC/ABC iview originals initiative grant
Synopsis: As Venezuelan comedian Ivan discovers what it means to be a real ‘Aussie’, his quest to becoming a permanent resident isn’t so much about ticking a box on a form, but learning about the strange and unique customs that we take for granted, and that make us Australian. With the help of two Aussie roommates, a lesbian tradie and hipster vegan, he gets a firsthand insight into modern Australia and in the current climate of being an immigrant, what it takes to being one of the ‘good ones’ and how lucky we really are.



Status: Post Production
Writer/Director/Producer: Katrina Lucas
Writer: Lauren Drewery
Executive Producers: Susan McKinnon and Lauren Drewery
Type of SAFC Funding Support: SAFC/ABC iview originals initiative grant
Synopsis:The Sisters of Invention – the world’s first pop girl group with disabilities – are challenging society’s pre-conceived ideas about what a pop star looks like, what they can say and what they can do. After a successful first album and music video, they want to push their creative limits and establish themselves as professional singer/songwriters in their own right. But can they break free of the tough reality of living with a disability?



Status: Principal Photography
Writer/Director/Producer: Shalom Almond
Executive Producer: Lauren Drewery
Type of SAFC Funding Support: SAFC/ABC iview originals initiative grant
SynopsisPrisoners sign up to rehabilitate retired greyhound racing dogs to prepare them for life on the outside. The inmates have just a few weeks to learn how to train, socialise and transform the dogs into loving, family-friendly pets – and then face giving them up for adoption in the outside world. In turn, can the dogs help the inmates rebuild their lives? Can man and animal work together to create a better life for each other?




Status: Post Production
Production Company: Projector Films 
Producers: Daniel Joyce & Rose Tucker  
Director: Matthew Saleh  
Type of SAFC Funding Support: Production Investment
Synopsis: You’d be mistaken if you thought barbecue was simply a cooking process. It isn’t just a way to feed the masses, it’s a way to view a culture’s history and community, and see the values that people hold dear. Presented as a series of vignettes across fifteen countries, Barbecue is a bold attempt to reveal our shared humanity in the slow roasting fires of barbecue culture. These indelibly linked and juxtaposed portraits of life reveal the human yearning and contemporary heartbeat in cultures around the world, told through the stories of offbeat and strangely inspiring characters. 



Status: Post Production
Production Company: Jotz Productions  
Producers: Tom Zubrycki 
Director: Edoardo Crismani & Allan Collins  
Type of SAFC Funding Support: Production Investment 
Synopsis: Joe Murray, a member of the stolen generation, was a chameleon. In his early years Joe was a part of a boxing tent troupe before he turned professional. He was known as the ‘Black Panther’ in the ring because of his incredible speed and lightning punches.  He and his wife Elizabeth, the daughter of South Australian German settlers, created a vaudeville troupe and travelled around the country performing and boxing.  Joe, however, left behind him unanswered questions about where he was born, where his country was, and what happened to him in his later years.  Joe’s daughter Barbara together with her son Edoardo hit the road to retrace Joe Murray’s history, hoping to find some of the missing pieces of his life.



1001 Nights

Status: In production
Production Company: Chocolate Liberation Front

Producer: Dan Fill, Frank Verheggen

Co-producer & Creative Producer: Luke Jurevicius

Line Producer: Melissa Sheldrick

Writer: various

Director: Andrew Kunzel, Luke Jurevicius

Synopsis: Chocolate Liberation Front teams up with Hahn Films and Toonz animation on the Network Ten production of 1001 Nights.