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Adelaide Film Festival

The Adelaide Film Festival (10-20 October) is a premier Australian screen event that showcases and celebrates Australian screen content with an emphasis on South Australian production. 

The Adelaide Film Festival was established in 2002 and during its short life has secured a major reputation for becoming an essential screen cultural event.  It has been named in Variety Film magazine’s 50 Unmissable Film Festival lists and continues to be regarded as a destination for new and exciting Australian screen projects from the industry and national audiences. The AFF Investment Fund was the first Australian fund of this kind and has enabled an international and Australian award winning films to premiere in Adelaide.  

In 2013 the Adelaide Film Festival will also deliver the Adelaide Festival of Ideas as a simultaneous event allowing October to become another event destination for locals and audiences from all over Australia.

+ 61 8 8394 2505

Amanda Duthie
Festival Director/ CEO

Adele Hann
Associate Director


Angela Heesom Casting

Angela Heesom Casting (AHC) is South Australia's leading casting agency and is the only independent and professionally serviced consultancy in the state.

With over 30 years experience, Angela Heesom and her team of casting directors have cast  hundreds of high profile, award winning tvcs and holds over 40 film credits to date including, AFI Award Winning Look Both Ways, Wolf Creek, Beautiful Kate, Closed For Winter, Rogue, Swerve, The Dragon Pearl and Wolf Creek II (currently in pre-production).

Absolutely dedicated to providing directors and producers their perfect ensemble, AHC will stop at nothing to deliver an award winning cast from leads to extras. They have an established network of relations with agents and actors across Australia and cast on a national & international level. They have a fully equipped studio at Adelaide Studios and pride themselves in looking after the producer's budget and the director's story.  

P: +61 8 8394 2545

Angela Heesom Casting Director 
E: Email

Body Image Movement

The Body Image Movement is an internationally recognised crusade that believes everyone has the right to love and embrace their body. Headed by founder Taryn Brumfitt, the Body Image Movement recently produced feature documentary Embrace, which has become one of the top 5 most successful Australian documentaries in box office records.

Phone: 8394 2523
Email: Email

Closer Productions

The Closer team has created entertaining and provocative documentary, drama and experimental films, which have screened in cinemas, TV, art galleries and at major festivals around the world.

P: + 61 8 8394 2535
E: Email


Cospective makes software tools for the film and media industry, including the Academy Award winning cineSync and new international sensation Frankie.

Rory McGregor, CEO
P: +61 8 8400 6475
E: Email

Dancing Road 

dancing road is the sister company of Duo Art Productions, which has been producing internationally successful feature films for over 20 years.

Our experienced management team focuses on development and production, and with the company’s strategic alliances in marketing and distribution, dancing road is considered a top destination for first class production.

Our team is focused on producing high concept quality entertainment with wide international audience appeal, within market considered budgets.

Gena Ashwell
E: Email

Duo Art Productions

Duo Art Productions is a substantial production house for the development, financing, production and marketing of feature films and documentaries.  It has an enviable reputation of being able to conceive and bring to successful distribution a range of feature films that attract global audiences and festival acclaim

Helen Leake 
P: +61 8 8394 2854 
E: Email

Epic Films

Epic Films is an independent production company based in Adelaide. We develop and produce innovative film and television projects for cinema and television, with a strong background in the online space.

Working collaboratively with writers, directors and production partners, we deliver world-class projects with strong narratives and compelling characters. 


Kirsty Stark


P:  +61 8 8394 2555

E: Email

Floodlight Media

Floodlight Media is a full service production company specialising in the creation of advertising and corporate videos.

A strong narrative forms the core of all the content they create, ensuring the client message is at the forefront of their work.

They have a comprehensive kit of cameras, lighting and editing equipment on site and are able to scale our productions depending on the job at hand.

David Roberts
M: 0431 408 762
E: Email

Geoffrey Reed Communications / Reedcom Entertainment

Geoffrey Reed Communications brings thought leadership and world class creativity to all aspects of brand communications. We are a creative agency with rich experience across all aspects of advertising, design and digital marketing communications. We work with Australia’s top brands and apply the same skill set to local projects of every size.

Reedcom Entertainment writes and produces narrative driven screen content for features, corporate and music videos. We recently introduced BRAND STORIES™, a new way to tap into social media networks using video entertainment designed to be virally ‘sneezed-on’ by a particular audience to their social networks.

P: + 61 8 8394 2586

Geoffrey Reed  
M: + 61 417 859 576

Chantelle Reed
M: + 61 402 032 175


Gravity Films

We exist to tell stories that entertain and inspire audiences around the world.

P: +61 8 8394 2563
E: Email

Brendon Skinner
Simon Williams

Image Design and Substance Design and Digita

With ten years of festival and arts experience Australia-wide we’ve become known as the flicker in the flame that lures punters from the sidewalk to their seat. And on time too, if we can!

Our bag of tricks is big, and getting bigger all the time - each day we strive to uncover new solutions to age-old problems: new languages to translate the visions of Art Directors into engaging and imaginative campaigns; new design thinking for better integration and interactivity; and new ways to extend the reach of an event, and strengthen its claws.

Differentiation and intrigue are the vital signs of design that matters - we're always on the hunt for a client who wants something a little bit crazy, a little bit different, and who trusts the potency of an idea to incite a frenzy of curiosity.

We've cut our teeth as designers: we operate efficiently and capably with big budgets and tight timelines. We also have a thorough knowledge of campaign collateral and how to use it to channel audiences where it matters most - the bookings section of your website. We're creative, we love brands and posters, we love making brands and posters walk and talk at 25 frames a second, we love animation, websites and apps, and we even produce live-action video! We work exceptionally hard to keep our skills fresh and vital, we're forever curious about where design is going, and we have a deep regard for whence it's come.

Dorothy di Stefano 
P: + 61 8 8394 2581 
M: +61 416 734 228  

JDR Screen

JDR Screen is a collaborative production company dedicated to making films which are above all entertaining, of high quality and sometimes with serious intent.

The company was established by Julia de Roeper on her return to the film industry after five years as Director of Industry Development at the South Australian Film Corporation and a period of study at the University of South Australia.

With a documentary commissioned by the Adelaide Film Festival as the new company's first completed film (Magic Harvest, 2011) and three projects fully developed and currently financing, JDR Screen moved into the brilliant new Adelaide Studios in August 2011.

Current focus is on documentary and children's programs, with some drama projects in very early development. 
Julia de Roeper variously works as producer, co-producer, executive producer and/or mentor.

We are excited to be collaborating on projects with a number of other producers and production companies including Michael Bourchier (Blink Films and Freehand Television), Christo Hird (Dartmouth Films, UK), Claire Harris (Porthmeor Productions), Jeni Lee (Carousel Media), Ben Pederick (Goodmorningbeautiful Films), Veronica Sive (Emergint Media) and Sarah Wishart.

JDR Screen also produces Research Digidocs, short (3-5min.) documentary films presenting key academic research findings in everyday language.

P: +61 8 8394 2553

Julia de Roeper 
CEO and Producer 
M: + 61 418 842 961
E: Email


Krolyn Studios

Krolyn Studios offers strategic design solutions to the independent film industry. Combining practical design experience with cutting-edge technologies and a genuine 'honour-the-product' approach.


Jon Barratt
P: +61 8 8394 2580
E: Email

Mason Films

Mason Curtis is the most experienced Location Manager in South Australia and amongst the most experienced in Australia. Since his first film project in 1982, he has amassed over 50 major screen credits. An expert in outback locations and having a good eye and understanding of the camera, he has brought many filmmakers from across the globe to film in our unique landscapes. MasonFilm Pty Ltd is a sponsor company and provides production services to national and international filmmakers. MasonFilm Pty Ltd also offers location support with production trucks, silent generators and an array of specialist film vehicles and equipment.


Mason Curtis
M: 0418 820 201

Monkeystack Founded in 2004, Monkeystack is a fee for service animation and game development studio. The team has a heritage in producing narrative driven content which has seen it develop children’s television alongside Nickelodeon, the ABC, and Kids Co. Monkeystack has produced multiple international award winning web series for organisations such as the Red Cross and the Motor Accident Commission, as well as collaborate nationally with other media producers; leveraging storytelling capabilities across multiple platforms and delivery formats. 
At our core we're a passionate team with a multidisciplinary background and we take great pride in working closely with our clients; helping them deliver effective stories for their cross platform campaigns and multi-platform entertainment.
And the best part is...we love what we do!

P: +61 8 8394 2575

Justin Wight

Troy Bellchambers

RMT Management

RMT Management is the rebranded Rachel’s Model Management and it has been providing models, talent and actors for photo shoots, TV commercials, feature films, promotions and fashion parades both locally, interstate and  overseas for the past 18 years. We are a boutique agency that represents talent of all ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes who are fully trained in all aspects of the business. We work to your budget to ensure the industry continues to thrive in South Australia. So please contact Angie if you would like to see some talent options for your next film project, advertising campaign fashion parade or photo shoot!

Angie Christophel
Managing Director
P: + 61 8 8394 2574
M: + 61 413 580 982
E: Email

South Australian Film Corporation

The South Australian Film Corporation aims to empower the South Australian production industry to achieve success. We have made a commitment to engage directly with the local industry and to create an environment that encourages creativity.

P: + 61 8 8394 2000
E: Email

Southern Light Alliance 

Southern Light Allianc e (SLA) brings together international producer Timothy White (Son of a Gun, Ned Kelly, Two Hands) and local producer Anna Vincent to facilitate co-productions and develop Australian feature films.

Anna Vincent
P: +61 8 8394 2564
E: Email

Sync It In Pty Ltd

Sync It In Pty Ltd is owned and operated by Pete Smith. Pete is a sound mixer/editor for film and television with 30 years experience.

M: +413 449 922
E: Email



Triptych Pictures

Triptych Pictures brings together 3 South Australian producers, Julie Byrne, Jennifer Jones and Kristian Moliere. It is Triptych Pictures’ mission to maintain a reputation for making critically acclaimed productions, ensure that our productions have international appeal, and entertain, inspire and challenge their intended audience.

Julie Byrne 
P: +61 (8) 8394 2542
M: +61 404 072 702
E: Email

Jennifer Jones 
P: +61 (8) 8394 2541
M: +61 414 660 234
E: Email

Kristian Moliere 
P: +61 (8) 8394 2540 
M: +61 416 162 011
E: Email

Word Ninjas

Word Ninjas generate their own scripted material and also accept commissions to work on other scripts and adaptations. 

Since Pete and Ruth started working together in 2010, they've developed an impressive slate. They’re versatile, professional, and efficient. They approach all projects - theirs and others - with passion and commitment. 

Word Ninjas’ creative projects range across multiple genres for TV and feature films: comedy, drama, supernatural, thriller, detective, romantic comedy, love story, zombie road-trip, science fiction, bio-pic, adaptation, animation, and fantasy drama. 

Their work has been funded through state and national agencies, short-listed in national competitions, and been sought by international producers.

Ruth Estelle
E: Email
M: +61 (0)420 402 959

Pete Monaghan
E: Email
M: +61 (0)414 719 366